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Good Shepherd

"We give our children two things; One is roots, the other is wings"

Third Grade
Mrs. Cappello's' FAQs
Home Work in General and Procedures
Language Arts - printables and websites
Math - printables and websites
Enrichment and Reinforcement Printables

For summer work:

Incoming 2nd graders - check Mrs. Alfano's page; Incoming 1st graders - check with both Mrs. Riccardelli and myself; incoming 3rd graders - check  Mrs. Corneliess page; Incoming 4th grade - check Ms. Maliszewski's page.

Mrs.Cappello's Corner - First Grade I'm back come September--3rd Grade No More (2019-2020 edition) .   

June 30th, You're not in 3rd grade anymore (and neither am I)!

Yes, you're eyes do not deceive you, I will be teaching 1st grade once more come September.

Please click on the blue link below for book fair and summer reading going into first grade.

Scholastic Virtual Book Fair Link

Summer Reading for Kindergarten moving up to 1st Grade  

Incoming first grade summer skills:  Please use your Kindergarten IXL username and password for access.  It will not change for now.  You should be reviewing all level B skills from Kindergarten.  We will use Level C in first grade. 

For summer math again review Level B(or grade K), then go to level C(or grade 1), skills: A counting; B addition; K comparing; M Place Value; N spatial sense; and R patterns.  I have highlighted specific skills that were part of Kindergarten, they are usually the first 2 skill topics.

In Communication Arts, read, read, read.  Use the blue link to Summer Reading above to find suggested books.  Additionally, review your SuperKids memory words and spelling from kindergarten.  Golly and the SK gang are ready to welcome you back. Your very first spelling test will be number words from zero to 10 so practice them as well.  Practice your printing skills and be sure to hold pencils properly and form your letters correctly as well..Top to bottom, left to right.  Try (not required - suggested) keeping a journal of interesting and fun things you do this summer.  That is a great way to practice penmanship and drawing skills..

IXL in Language Arts will go on a little break in the summer but be sure I will let you know as soon as the renewed subscription kicks back in.  

Welcome to First Grade, I can't wait to see you in September!  Be on the lookout for your ClassDojo invite in September.





A few words for the third graders who are soon to leave me and enter the world of Fourth Grade:

This year has simply flown by.  It has been a distinct privilege to work with you again and get a chance to work with those who had Mrs. Riccardelli in first grade.  I have truly enjoyed being with you.  Never in our wildest imagining could we have known we'd finish our final trimester virtually.  You all deserve praise for working with me and accomplishing any task I asked of you.  Certain years are unforgettable to me:  my first year teaching; the year of Hurricane Sandy the year my first class graduated; this year I add...YOU! Simply unforgettable in the best ways possible, a fraction of which being of the way you chose to meet challenges.  

Over summer, READ READ READ.  Use your LFK books every day.  Work and text books always have way more material than can actually be covered in school.  They seldom get finished and this year was no exception.  We actually got farther working at home than we might have in person.  I want you to continue to use your math workbook and religion book over the summer.  Finish what we didn't get to, using IXL or KhanAcademy for help when needed. Finish up your How to Read Maps book. It is yours to keep. Use IXL and KhanAcademy to help you practice or if you get stuck.  Practice will  make you better, better, best!  Also use the math, language arts, enrichment printables to the left of this note.  I will add more over the summer so you don't run out of fun for practice.

Class Dojo and active weblinks will stay here until August for you.  I have removed those links that expire. IXL may become math only for a short time until we are able to get subscription renewed for the other subjects. FIM will be active until July 31st.

Meanwhile, you are ready for all the excitement and new challenges that 4th grade will bring.  I will be following your progress all the way. Remember what I've been telling you:

  • BE well
  • BE safe
  • BE the best you you can be because no one can do it for you!
  • FOURTH grade class of 2020-2021...YOU'VE GOT THIS.

​I'll be seeing you....soon.

⇔ If you look to menu bar on the left you will see the word printables with some subjects.  Open and print the pdfs for summer practice while you're waiting for 4th grade to begin.

STUDENT ​WEBSITES LINKS - just click and go! Use your usernames and passwords from last year.

  IXL                  Khan Academy                  SpellingCity               TeachersGuide

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If you are going into THIRD GRADE in September 2020, you'll be with Mrs. Corneliess so be sure to check her page as well:

Click on the blue link below for your summer reading list if you are Entering Third Grade this September.  There is a nice mix of easy and advanced books on the list so you should have no trouble choosing.

Summer Reading List 2020 for 2nd graders moving up to 3rd.
All students entering the third grade are required to read a Magic Tree House (fiction) book by Mary Pope Osborne. This is a great series. We encourage students entering the third grade to read 3-5 books over the summer vacation. Use this list as a guide, or get involved with a summer reading program at your local public library! Have fun!
What do you need to do in between 2nd and 3rd grade?

Make sure you're ready!  Go to IXL, your username/passwords stay the same every year.  Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies -- Any level D (or 2nd grade) skills especially if Mrs. Corneliess has highlighted!

The most important part of MATH is to make sure you are fluent in basic facts/fact families for addition and subtraction and that you know your place value up to the hundreds place.  Fluency means speed.  Be able to perform operations like addition/subtraction accurately and without having to think.  IXL level D skills A to N will help to keep your skills sharp!

READ, READ, READ....then read some more! But also while you read ask yourself questions:  Who/what are the characters?  Where/When does the action take place?  What problem has to be solved? Are there words you didn't know for sure and how did you figure out what they meant(did you look up, did you get an idea from another sentence?   Use IXL level D skills.  Keep a journal of your favorite/non favorite summer activities and ideas.