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24 Brookline Avenue, Nutley, NJ 07110

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Good Shepherd

"We give our children two things; One is roots, the other is wings"

Preschool Program
Elementary School 1-4
Middle School 5-8
STEM Program
MAP Growth Testing
Inclusive Philosophy and Services
School Counseling and Advocacy
Gifted and Talented Education
School Counseling and Advocacy

Mission Statement

The Good Shepherd Academy School Counseling and Advocacy Program mission and its support services are centered on the commitment to assist students with their academic, social-emotional, spiritual, personal and vocational needs, focusing on the students’ specific strengths and abilities.  These five domains encompass our view of the whole/individual child.  We recognize each student as an individual with unique gifts and talents.  As a result, we will attempt to focus on these attributes rather than their limitations.  Of equal importance, in order to ensure students will be lifelong learners and work towards the common good of all people, our Program maintains cultural awareness and appreciates diversity.

Overview of Our Program

The School Counseling & Advocacy Program at Good Shepherd Academy is designed to assist our students to make the most out of their educational experience.  Our Program provides students with prevention and responsive services throughout the school year; providing them with a strong foundation for future success.  These program services are available for all students, not just those identified by their academic and/or social-emotional needs and at no additional cost. 

The Good Shepherd Academy School Counseling & Advocacy Program’s goal is to support, facilitate and provide all students with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential and be successful in school.  The achievement of this important goal is possible when students, parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and our school system work together as a team.  Equally important, our School Counseling & Advocacy Program aims to provide a safe, nurturing, and warm environment for all students and places an emphasis on their personal and social-emotional (e.g., self and social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making and relationship skills) development.