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Gifted and Talented

R.U.B.I.K.S. (Recognizing Unique aBility, Imagination, Knowledge, and Skills) is a gifted and talented program.  The mission of this program is to enhance the curriculum and challenge our students who have been recognized as gifted and talented.  This program is open for 7 th and 8 th graders.

Students have been identified by meeting specific criteria.  Students who exhibit above average abilities in two or more subject areas, outstanding capabilities in the fine arts, and extraordinary problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as consistent work ethic and determination qualify.  Recommended students must maintain this criteria to continue our program. 

Specific criteria is as follows:

  1. Student must have achieved a 95 or higher in two more subjects and an average of 92 or higher in the remaining subjects
  2. Teacher recommendation form was filled out for the students who made first two steps, for recognition with special abilities 

The group of selected 7th and 8th graders will be meeting for one period once a week on either Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays. We will be using a “floating” schedule so that the students will not miss many academic classes. ( First week = Monday’s first period. Second week = Monday’s second period. Third week = Monday’s third period, etc.) The students are responsible for making up whatever class work is missed.  Academic tests and deadlines will take precedence over RUBIKS’ scheduled meetings.  Any student whose grade point average drops below the requirements or receives an “I” or “U” in Social Development and Study Skills will be dropped from this school year’s program.


Grade 8

  • Therese Casino
  • Jake Grullon
  • Mario Mikelinich
  • Ava Minichini
  • Liana Minichini
  • Sara Tan
  • Allison Zambrano



2017 Projects

Since January, the students in RUBIKS have been working on projects/entries for the 2017 Catholic Campaign for Human Development's Multimedia Youth Contest, "Being Neighbors in Our Common Home".

Through learning about the work of the CCHD, the students began to understand and to think about the root causes of poverty in America; as well as ways to work for social justice to help eliminate poverty.

In the artworks, prayer and poems that they created, the RUBIKS students showed ways that people living in poverty can empower themselves and lead change in a community.

On Friday, March 10th the artworks were judged by Reverend Mark Francis O'Malley, Hist. Eccl. D., the Archbishop's Liaison & Director of Mission Integration for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ and by Sister Jane Feltz, Principal of Good Shepherd Academy Nutley, NJ.

First Place was awarded to "The Garden of Plenty", an acrylic painting by Vivian Li - 8th grade, Guilia Gallo - 7th grade, and Raquel Pita - 7th grade.

Second Place was awarded to "People in Poverty", a poem by Frank Berrios, Angela Mikelinich, and Jason Pham - all 8th grade.

Third Place was awarded to "Strong Roots", a mixed media painting (watercolor & ink) by Adrianna Cruz -8th grade.

The winning entry, "The Garden of Plenty" will represent the Archdiocese of Newark at the national competition in Washington, D.C. on March 31st.

The 3 top entries will also receive a letter of congratulations from Archbishop Cardinal Tobin.

The students have realized through this experience, that we are all in this community together working towards a greater good for all of us, not only economically but also spiritually.

Other entries include:

“This Real Love” Video & Original song: Carmela Alessio - 8th

“Love Others” Poem: Nicholas Beyer - 7th

“Anyone Can Help” Animation: Marcelius Figueroa - 8th

“Neighbors At Work” Mixed media drawing (Colored Pencil & Ink): Audrey Gailus - 7th

“Humility and Exaultation” Comic strip/Graphic book - Mixed media (Color Pencil & Ink): Christian Hui - 7th

“Together in Faith” Watercolor painting: Selena Kossup - 8th

“Empowering Prayer” Prayer: Kimberly Lapola - 8th

“Shelter of Light” Acrylic painting: Mavi Ligaya - 8th and Amihan Medina - 8th

“Equality” Poster: Andrew Villaruel - 7th

Click here to view pictures.


2016 Project: Engineering - students are building a scale model outside of GSA plus the inside of a possible future addition to the school.



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